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Cowboy / Cowgirl Training

Date Posted: 25-8-2012
Location: Powder River, MT, USA
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Wanna be a Cowboy?
We are offering apprenticeships & working vacations for would be ranchers. Do you want to learn the skills of a real cowboy or cowgirl? Or are you looking for an authentic ranch experience and can't afford the price of a guest ranch? An American born in the wrong century? Live outside the U.S. and are cowboy curious? You'll live and work alongside a real Montana rancher at our exclusive home in the beautiful Powder River valley.

This was known as ''the last great hunting grounds'' by Native Americans. With authentic Indian caves, restored homestead cabins, some of the best dinosaur hunting in the world and an eye into your own future.

With World Champion horses, top 1lack Angus cattle and a vacation spot for political and show biz luminaries, you will live and work like a ranch hand of the old west.

Take this opportunity to learn the skills you will need to work on a real ranch. This is not a manufactured ''dude'' experience. This is the real thing for the hidden cowboy in you. Let this be a one time experience or lead to a career in agriculture.

You must be at least 18. NO SMOKING due to fire hazard. Willing to work hard and see the fruits of your labor.


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