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Intern/Apprentice on Organic Crop Farm, May-Nov

Date Posted: 17:28:00 2018-02-09
Location: Penn Yan, NY, USA
Contact Person: Hanna Martens
Company/Business Name: Peter & Hanna Martens Farm

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1600 acre certified organic crop and processing vegetable farm. We focus heavily on milling grains and seed production with vegetables and forages as rotation crops. We work extensively with local soil conservation services to limit soil and nutrient loss and maintain water quality and implement GPS to maintain these practices. This is a good opportunity to learn about organic grain, legume, vegetable, and forage production using practices inspired by the owner's time apprenticing in Germany. We have hosted interns for 6 years.

We are looking for full time help, preferable from May 1st through November 15th/31st. The candidate should be highly motivated and possess a strong work ethic. Experience in operating farm equipment is required, CDL preferred.
Pay is $12/hour plus room and board, 1.5x overtime. Everyone works 60-75 hours per week during the season, occasionally as much as 90 but that is usually just the owners. Sunday is strictly a day of rest with Saturday afternoons off as possible.
Salary: $12/ hour, room & board


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