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Greenhouse Production Supervisor

Date Posted: 12-10-2016
Location: Iron Springs, AB, Canada
Contact Person: Hr Manager
Company/Business Name: Rainbow Greenhouses Inc.

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Wages, $16-$20 per hour depending on qualifications


• Mentor: -Train greenhouse workers in the picking department
• Organize labour: - For all product being picked on a daily basis
• Correct packaging: - Make sure tags, sleeves, pot covers, labels etc… are on the product as required by customer
• Work with Growers: - Make sure the correct crop is being picked
• Troubleshoot: - Keep up group efficiency when order picking. Spot check regularly for correct standards and quality of work.
• Clean and tidy: -Make sure greenhouse cleanliness is being kept up at the end of each day and when leaving the zones.
• Keep team work and morale high: - Work with other supervisors and lead hands to help keep strong team work and a positive morale.


Regular Week: 44 - 50 hours per week, Saturdays as required
Reports to: Production Manager
Staff reporting to this position: Lead Hands and 6-20 General Labourers


• On site at approximately 7:15 am

Report to Production Manager
• Supervisors meeting at 7:20 am to receive task lists and instructions for the day
• Distribute task lists and instructions to greenhouse workers

Prepare Work Areas and Equipment
• Ready for first tasks at 7:30 or as necessary, ensuring greenhouse workers are focused by 7:30 am
• Maintain contact with the Production Manager throughout the day
• Break at 10:00 am with production staff
• Ensure teams cease regular work 10-15 minutes (as needed) before the end of the day to clean-up
• Report to the Production Manager (Supervisors meeting) at the end of the day, generally @ 4:10 pm
• Prepare to stay late as necessary, Saturdays required during busy times of the year


• Excellent people and communication skills
• A genuine team player
• Know your particular product line and production requirements:
( Tagging, sticking, sleeving without product damage, pot covers, labels, planting, loading carts, picking inferior lower leaves when necessary, unloading carts, stretch wrapping carts correctly without damage to product, transporting carts, labeling carts: Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, tomato picking, tomato grading, tomato area maintenance )
• Document for Production Manager all product waste on a clipboard at every zone where needed
• Ensure your team work area is prepped and supplied before the day begins
• Ensure your team leaves the break/lunchroom on time
• Ensure the health and safety of all production staff. Do not cause or allow anyone to work under hazardous conditions, no horseplay
• Ensure quality is picked from the plant line or floor of greenhouse, and quality product is shipped.
• Ensure your team knows their expectations for the day and help them to exceed them through benchmarking and enjoyable competition
• Ensure your team is focused on the task at hand and that they don’t leave early
• Ensure your team completely cleans up their areas or zones at the end of the task and/or day
• Work with growers in the assigned areas

Report ( always carry a clipboard or note book )
• An accident or injury immediately to both the Production Manager (First Aid) and the Operations Manager
• Safety issues immediately to the Operations Manager (cease work as necessary)
• Disciplinary issues to the Production Manager
• Problems such as (crop issues, understaffing, delays in shipping etc.) to the Production Manager
• Maintenance issues to the Operations Manager

Work as supervisor: - When order picking is complete, supervise in other departments. Take on the responsibility.
These duties and responsibilities may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the employer, subject to formal notification to the employee.
Salary: $16- $20


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