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Livestock Manager

Date Posted: 03-05-2016
Location: Accokeek, MD, USA
Contact Person: Patti Canter Norment
Company/Business Name: Accokeek Foundation

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Position Overview
The Accokeek Foundation seeks a Livestock Manager for its Heritage Breed Conservation Program on a 200-acre site in Piscataway Park. The site includes two working farms, the National Colonial Farm (living history tobacco planter farmstead) and the Ecosystem Farm (8-acre sustainable agriculture demonstration). The Heritage Breed Conservation Program includes the breeding of Milking Devon cattle and Hog Island sheep, as well as the exhibiting of Ossabaw hogs and a variety of heritage breed poultry. In addition to managing all aspects of animal care (including rotational grazing), the Livestock Manager works with Foundation staff in pasture management and care of infrastructure and equipment. The Livestock Manager also supports the Foundationís agricultural and educational programs. S/he is a hardworking, resourceful, detail-oriented individual with excellent project management and people skills, a sense of humor, and an interest in historic preservation and environmental sustainability.

Specific Responsibilities
Routine care and management routine care and management will meet or exceed the current standards for humane and sustainable care of livestock as specified by the U.S. Humane Society,
Maintain sufficient populations of livestock and poultry to support the Accokeek Foundation's program needs, including breeding of Milking Devon cattle and Hog Island sheep.
Maintain relevant records and registrations for all livestock.
Sell, trade or share breeding stock when possible to reputable buyers and breeders.
Provide livestock, hay and pasture management components to the Foundationís sustainable agriculture initiatives.
Maintain and improve appropriate open spaces in hayfields, selected forest buffers and pasture, with the goal of a high quality rotational grazing and multi-species grazing program.
Work with students, interns, volunteers and the general public to support the Foundationís heritage breed, natural resource and agricultural programs.
Act as Site Supervisor, overseeing interpreters or volunteers, when needed.
Professional Experience and Qualifications
Associate degree or higher, or equivalent educational training.
Four years farming experience with personal responsibilities for management of livestock.
Experience in operating relevant machinery.
Computer skills (e.g., Word, Excel).
Physical stamina to perform necessary tasks involved in a sustainable agriculture operation.
Knowledge of current-day environmentally sustainable agricultural practice and the role of animals therein
Creative problem-solving skills, initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy and discretion, as well as the ability to maintain poise and professionalism under pressure,
Ability to exercise independent decision making skills while also working within the Foundationís management structure, understanding the significance of organizational culture and the special requirements of a non-profit organization.
Experience and/or openness to working with draft animals is a plus.

Highly Desired Qualities
Personal commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.
Strong interest in education, including designing interactive learning experiences
Experience in drama, including both third-person and first-person living history interpretation
Experience working with children
Willingness to work in costume when needed

Hours, Start Date/Duration, and Compensation
Full-time position (40 hours per week, exempt from overtime pay). Schedule is 8 am to 4 pm, Tuesday-Saturday, with flexibility to work other times on occasion (eg. birthing season). Starting salary range is $30-32,000 per year. The Accokeek Foundation provides a generous employee benefit package including health insurance, paid vacation, holiday, sick leave, and a retirement plan.

To Apply
Please send a resume and a cover letter that details your interest and experience related to this position by email to info@accokeek.org. PLEASE use ďLivestock ManagerĒ in the subject heading.

Salary: $30 - $32,000


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