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AGGRAND Dealers / Salemen

Date Posted: 30-01-2015
Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA / Canada
Contact Person: Bruce Wappman
Company/Business Name: Independent AGRRAND Dealer
Phone: 717-645-4358

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AGGRAND is looking for new dealers in the United States and Canada.

AGGRAND manufactures and distributed liquid all natural fertilizers as well as certified organic fertilizers. You can learn more about them here: www.naturalfertilizer.info

As an independent AGGRAND dealer you will register retail (garden stores, hardware store etc.) and commercial (farms [dairy, forage, cash crops, vegetable etc.]) accounts. This is 100� commission based position and does not include and additional fringe benefits.

Minimal start-up fee
No inventory requirements
No territory restrictions
No capital investment
No employee expenses or requirements

As an AGGRAND dealer there no territories so any accounts that you register in the USA or Canada (citizens of either country can register accounts in the other country) they will be your account.

AGGRAND has 12 distribution centers in the US and Canada with products in stock for immediate pick up and delivery

For more information contact Bruce at 717-645-4358
Salary: 100 commission


Do you have a work permit in USA / Canada ?