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Essex Farm seeking Capable Farmers

Date Posted: 26-02-2014
Location: Essex, NY, USA
Contact Person: Mark Kimball
Company/Business Name: Essex Farm

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Essex Farm in Essex, NY is seeking experienced and highly motivated farmers who want to joint a fast-paced and team-oriented organization. We are dedicated to providing a full diet, year round, for our CSA members. Applications are being accepted for the following positions:

Dairy Assistant The successful candidate will support the main dairy farmer. Responsibilities will include milkhouse management and dairy herd management.

Butcher The successful candidate will be in charge of slaughtering and butchering cattle, pigs and chickens for our weekly CSA distribution.

Vegetable Farmer The successful candidate must have a minimum of 5 years experience in seed-to-storage vegetable production. The individual will be responsible for 10-20 acres of land, purchasing of seeds, field preparation, weeding, harvesting, and crop storage. Horse experience preferred but not required. Management experience required.

Livestock Farmer The successful candidate will be responsible for daily chores and the overall well-being of livestock on the farm, including but not limited to: chickens, pigs, cattle and horses. Practical experience with rotational grazing is required.

Draft Horse Manager The successful candidate will coordinate use of our herd of draft horses for daily farm chores and will be responsible for their management, care and wellbeing. The draft horse manager also trains new teamsters to work with horses and farm machinery. Teamster expertise required; familiarity with horse-powered farm tools preferred.

Carpenter The successful candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining farm infrastructure.

Farm Mechanic/Engineer The successful candidate will create, maintain and repair farm machinery. Experience in welding, small engine repair, and general handiness required.

Grain Farmer The successful candidate will sow, grow and harvest grain for livestock and humans and should have experience with machinery, small grain rotations, postharvest
handling and milling.

Orchardist The successful candidate will work with exiting departments to design and plant an orchard that will supply the membership with year-round fruit. Experience with apples and/or pears required; with cherries, cane fruits, strawberries and grapes a plus.

Office manager The successful candidate will be skilled and experienced with bookkeeping, records, payroll, and communication.

Distribution Co-ordinator The successful candidate will be in charge of communicating with and taking care of our farm members. He or she will manage our weekly distribution, collect payments, field questions, offer suggestions and provide a voice for the 170 people who eat from our farm.

Serious interested applicants should submit three (3) professional references, cover letter, and resume of related work experience to:
Essex Farm
Attn: Farmer Search
2503 Rte 22
Essex, NY 12936


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