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Beef or Dairy Specialist

Date Posted: 23-07-2013
Location: , Various Locations, Eurasia
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Canadian Education Network (Vancouver) is accepting resumes for 6 Specialist positions in Eurasia for contracts beginning in August and continuing through 2014. Our Job Description is included below; we strongly encourage you to apply immediately if you are interested in the position.


Job Title: Dairy Farm Specialist or Beef Farm Specialist
Length of Contract: 1 year, renewable
Contract Location: Eurasia

Job Description:

Administer hands-on, practical education to farmers and other local livestock specialists about the basics of dairy or beef production in order to improve the productivity, profitability, health and safety standards, sustainability, and general practices of a variety of cattle farms in a given region.

Drive regularly to varying locations to meet with farmers and specialists in rural areas and nearby cities. Local livestock specialists will provide translation when required.

Teach practical techniques and processes, demonstrate correct methods, and help farmers apply that knowledge to their own unique farm or business situation.

Teach some basic theoretical and technical topics in a classroom-type environment, and be able to run classes, lectures, workshops, or any other educational activities to expand and modernize the knowledge bases of local beef and dairy farmers or local livestock specialists.

Keep extensive records of your visits and lessons to track improvements in the production efficiency of each farm over time, and produce reports detailing the impact your work is having in that region.

Monitor herd health and determine effective solutions to problems that arise, including medications and vaccinations, administration techniques, basic veterinary practices (like castration, dehorning, birthing, humane euthanasia techniques, etc), and other practical options.

- Salaries will be based on the credentials and experience of each candidate
- Contract includes health insurance, accommodation, and travel expenses

Academic Qualifications:
- Bachelor's and 10 years experience (or Master's and 2 years experience) in a related field and from an accredited academic institution
- Published and on-going research projects in related fields

Special Skill Requirements:
- Able to drive a vehicle (standard or automatic), use maps and follow directions
- Able to work outdoors

Preferable Traits:
- Working-proficiency in Russian

Application Process:
- Eligible candidates can submit their cover letter and resume/CV along with any questions or comments regarding the position to the Canadian Education Network.
- Please include your full name and address, phone number (with area code), email address, preferred contact method, and the Specialty designation you are applying for
- Candidates will be contacted for an interview or further questions by our HR Department
Salary: Competitive


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