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Herds Man

Date Posted: 11-2-2013
Location: Penza, Penza oblast, Russia
Contact Person: Iossif Khersonski
Company/Business Name: OOO "ANCOM"

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Dear Candidate,
On your CV please refer also to the following questions:
Specific questions to be answered in CV for candidates for Suragro
Herds man
Professional experience with grazing beef cows (mothers)
Experience in remote paddocks spending days and night in the field 2 weeks each time
Independence skills
Professional experience as shepherd of large herds
Experience in animal movement and management
Field crops
Experience in large scale farm management
Knowledge of cereals and perennial and sunflower growth.
Ability to work in hard conditions.
Mechanical department manager
Knowledge of mechanical equipment for field crops.
Ability to operate in hard conditions
Large team management.


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