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Three month Internship in Tropical Permaculture

Date Posted: 04-01-2014
Location: Puerto Plata , , Dominican Republic
Contact Person: Monica Rush
Company/Business Name: Taino Farms
Phone: skype! lets set up a time

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Taino Farm is an evolving collaborative of artists, business people, foodies, farmers, and creators, we are dedicated to communication and expression of our life experience and the holistic vision of permaculture in practice.
what creative outlet do you have? writers, photographers, illustrators, gardeners, farmers musicians unite!

who we need:
Enthusiastic people with a great work ethic and outlook on life. Someone who has some experience doing tough jobs that require physical ability. You must be able to hike around the site, swing a machete, dig a big hole, carry buckets etc.
Experience or training in permaculture (such as a PDC) is an asset.
The site is a great example of permaculture in action. we have an onsite, full time gardener who is working on our annual garden for high intensity food production. Our agro-forestry is being developed as well. If you're interested in learning about food forestry, this is a great opportunity.

We are also creating a beautiful eco community on our riverside hill top. Building is underway and is a really cool opportunity to see sustainable architecture in practice.

If you have web skills, aka blog writing, online marketing, seo, and content management, we are a part of a business partnership that employs a marketing team. Strike a balance between getting back to the earth and staying in touch with the world. we'll train you up in both permaculture practices and how to successfully market a startup company.

If you have any other skills that you feel you can bring to the table we'd love to hear about them!


Position 1: Agro-forestry volunteer:
- strong work ability and ethic
- understanding of permaculture principles and how they are put into practice
- ability to work with other farmers in spanish (broken spanish is ok too)
- ability to read a permaculture plan and put into action
- a thirst for learning hands on permaculture practices
- Approxomately 5-6 hours a day of hands on farm work
- help out with communal living chores

Position 2: Web marketing intern and farm hand
- good at writing blog posts
- good work ethic
- basic knowledge with marketing principles
- a thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn.
- computer, camera, documentation skills.
- approxomately 3-4 hours a day of documentation and web work
- approxomately 2 hours a day of hands on farm work and learning
- help out with communal living chores

what you get:
- 3 meals a day, 1 catered
- spanish lessons
- yoga / fitness facilities
- high quality hands on permaculture education from a renound permaculture practitioner
- 4 days on, 1 day off work scheme
- located close to the surf town of cabarete.
- perfect for day trips, and meals out
- We have existing local partners in agriculture and tourism. This is great way to make
contacts and expand your experience.
- Interested in surfing on your mornings off? No worries! we have connections for a good price on a rental surfboard.
- looking for artists to collaborate with? this is the place - we create ideas and put them into action!

Agro volunteers and tourists stay in their own tents in a safe camping area on site. Close to bathrooms, shower, and the river. We are currently building the undercover communal living platform where tents will go in the future. For the most part, campers are very comfortable outside with a good fly on the tent, a good camping mattress, and other amenities that you will need for a long term camping situation. In case of heavy rain we have undercover areas that volunteers can move to. In all, your comfort and safety is paramount, and we work with what we have to provide that at all times. Of course, we are in the tropics in a developing country, so the ability to 'go with the flow' and 'rough it' is essential.
We are very pleased to provide a detailed suggestions list of what to pack and what to expect while you're here.
Give us a shout and we'll fill you in!
Salary: energy exchange. see job description


Do you have a work permit in Dominican Republic ?