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Date Posted: 18-9-2012
Location: Confidential, Confidential, Russia
Contact Person: T. Eric Watts
Company/Business Name: AGRI-associates Omaha
Phone: 402-502-7755

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IF you have a degree in any Agriculture discipline...
IF you grew up on a farm...
IF you are farming right now...

...then you are preliminarily qualified for this job. If you do not have ALL THREE of those attributes, you, unfortunately, will not be considered for the job

My client is a huge Russian-owned farming corporation who is in immediate need of TWO ''agronomists'' (their word for Farmers) who can manage a semi-skilled Russian workforce in every aspect of large scale farming. These jobs will require you to relocate to Russia.

We need one Farmer to specialize in row crops and wheat, and one Farmer to specialize in hay and forage. Crops are corn, soybeans, wheat, and some sunflowers. Equipment is virtually all John Deere.

Again, the agriculture degree and current farming experience are non-negotiable.

The very basic description of the job is not too complicated: We need a farmer who can hit the ground running, manage people, grow crops on a huge scale, make money. You will have agronomy / soil nutrient assistance and other experts on which to call.

What the client is looking for is someone who has gone through all the seasons of farming many times, who can managed others, who can jump on the tractor/combine/baler and do the work himself when necessary, who can repair and/or diagnose mechanical problems with the equipment, who can work long hours when necessary, and who is enthused about making at least a 3-year committment to the farm.

Keep in mind that this is not a contract or consulting position. If you are farming, you know that today's decision can have ramifications two or three years out. The company wants someone who will stay and work and manage ''long term''. The committment is a verbal one, however - you will not be contractually forced to stay.

Of particular interest are candidates from ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, northern Nebraska, and northern Iowa, as this is a similar climate to the Russian farm.

Russian employment law allows for screening candidates by age. My client is particularly interested in candidates who are under 45 years old.

Here is your chance to farm on a scale that is impossible in the United States. Some individual ''fields'' are over 8000 acres. Total row-crop acreage is well over 250,000 acres. Pasture and forage ground is over 400,000 acres. You will probably be overseeing 50 to 80,000 acres.

The company is hoping to fill these jobs at a base salary of $60,000 to $80,000. HOWEVER----If you have a higher salary requirement, let's talk.

When considering salary, remember: For a US citizen, the first approximately $80,000 is free of US taxes.
In addition you will receive:
A house or apartment, depending on where you decide to live. It may be possible to live in a city of 360,000 or you can choose a more rural area. Most of the houses are less than a year old.
One paid trip home per year. You can go more often, of course, but the company will pay for round trip tickets for you and your family.
Paid vacation.
An interpreter at no charge to you.
Access to health care.
A bonus program that will be discussed.

The ''head guy'' of the farming operation is from Nebraska so speaks English as his first language. Many of the Russian managers speak English, and there are a few other US employees. You will not be alone in a sea of people who cannot understand you.

The procedure is this:

Send me your resume as a Word document in a separate email.

Go to my website www.agrine.us and fill out a Confidential Resume form. This gets you into my database so that I can work with you.

CALL ME. The best filter I have for gauging ''real'' interest is if a candidate takes the initiative to call me. I can be reached as late as 10:30 PM ANY day of the week. I would enjoy talking to you about this opportunity. 402-502-7755

Again, this is your opportunity to farm on an unimaginable scale. You can apply your skills and experience to an enterprise that has the money and resources to support you. You will be the boss.

My client is in a hurry to hire.
Let's go!

T. Eric Watts
AGRI-associates Omaha
Skype ID: ericwatts1955
Salary: See posting


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