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Fruit Farm Internship - Horticulture

Date Posted: 23-3-2012
Location: Jefferson, OR, USA
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Application Deadline: Open until filled. Company: AMR Farms LLC

Location: Jefferson, Oregon
11 miles north of Albany, 12 miles south of Salem and 15 miles from Independence.

Job Type: Fruit Farm Internship (June – August) Start date negotiable.
Job Description: Backpacking spraying, working ground with a tractor, irrigation installation, trellis construction, planting and establishment care, pH adjustment of the soil, as well as turf establishment (in the aisles). Mixing, application and timing of fertilizers. Brewing and application of compost tea. Field scouting portion of our IPM program, monitoring insect pressure using visual inspection as well as pheromone traps. Trapping and identification of spotted wing drosophila. Work as a berry picker on harvesting machine. Drive harvester as needed. Hand harvest, package berries and help at Farmers’ Market as needed. Crop maintenance, cleaning equipment and work areas. Leadership position possible if applicant has pervious experience.

Experience: Seeking horticultural intern or someone with previous farm experience. Applicants with any of the following education/experience will be considered for a higher wage per hour. Horticulture degree/farm work experience, experience driving farm equipment, mechanical skills, commercial driver’s license or leadership experience.

• Have dependable transportation.
• Arrive and ready to start work on time.
• Flexible with daily work start and stop time schedule.
• Good physical condition, strength, agility; good motor, hand, and eye coordination; manual dexterity. Able to lift and move up to 68 pounds. Able to sit or stand for long periods of time. Able to work 12 hour shift.
• Work as a team with co-workers. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and attention to detail.
• Food Handler Permit http://www.orfoodhandlers.com/
• No criminal background.
• No tobacco use.
• No personal use of cellular phone during work hours.

Employment Status: Full time B: 30–48 hours per week
Our daily start time varies throughout harvest depending on the crop we are picking and the weather conditions. Machine harvest start time is usually around 7:30 am when picking raspberries and 5 am when picking blackberries. We operate our equipment 10-12 hours per day, 6 days per week. Hand harvest usually starts around 6:30 am

Pay: Starts at $9.50 per hour

How to Apply:

Fill out application form.

Email or mail application and resume
Salary: Starts at $9.50 per hour


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