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Date Posted: 20-7-2011
Location: Penza, RF, Russia
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Must be able to educate people on the base of complex to all processes associated with the production, diagnostic and treatment of cattle, in accordance to the direction of practical production and compliance with maintenance of high standards:
- humanist attitude to the cows
- Plan and carry out veterinary and sanitary measures to prevent diseases and mortality of animals
- Monitor all sections of the cows and make decisions, what the cows need to be removed into a problem section for the treatment
- Maintain control of the implementation zoohygienic and veterinary rules for the animal management, animal feeding and care of them during the hospital treatment
- Carry out inspection of animals, medical and surgical treatment of animals
- Draw up the protocols of treatment of various cattle diseases
- Draw up the correct applications for the drugs purchasing; and control drugs using for the animal treatment by highlyeffective veterinary products and the practices methods of impact
- Provide veterinary and sanitary examination of animals, vaccination of cattle
- Advise on questions of treatment and animal reproduction
- Test fresh cows for the presence of antibiotic in milk and replace to a common group if the milk complies with a standard.
- Monitor the carrying out of medical and preventive measures in the optimal time, according to the protocols
- Create a reporting system on the execute treatment, the drugs using and monitoring of herd health
- Correctly write information in the report, transmit the information for filing data in the computer. Daily analysis reports received from the program.
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