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Feed Manager

Date Posted: 20-7-2011
Location: Penza, RF, Russia
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Must be able to educate people on the base of complex to all processes associated with the feeding-stuffs using, in accordance to the direction of practical production and compliance with maintenance of high standards:
- Humanist attitude to the cows
- Proper preparation of rations for different groups of cows, in accordance to productivity, lactation, physiological characteristics
- Proper planning of feeds expenditure, monitoring of feeds distribution, depending on feed quality, weather, group, physiological status of cows
- Proper preparation of feed according to the rations; order of mixing; dosing of feed ingredients
- Monitoring of using of feed ingredients and comparison with the spending target
- Consider the effectiveness of rations
- Proper planning of feed-stuff consumption on the monthly base, monitoring of feed balances and timely deliveries
- Establish a system for analyzing, monitoring and reporting quality and quantity of feed-stuff and feed ingredients
- Correctly write the information in the report, transmit the information for filing data in the computer. Daily analysis of reports received from the program.
Salary: negotiable


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