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Heritage Livestock Program Internship

Date posted: 08-11-2013
Location: Accokeek, MD, USA
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Heritage Livestock Program Overview
The Accokeek Foundation maintains heritage breeds of livestock and poultry. The 2014 apprentice will assist the Livestock Manager in all aspects of caring for the animals and pastures. Many visitors appreciate the beauty of the farm animals without realizing their important role in farming systems. Over the centuries, domesticated animals have lived here with humans and have contributed to shaping this land as we see it today. At the Accokeek Foundation, we care for our farm animals in a way that enhances the health and stability of the natural and agricultural ecosystems of this special place. As we manage animals, we maintain open lands in an ecologically sound manner. Some of these heritage breeds are typical of the time and place that we represent at our National Colonial Farm, while others are breeds typical of the Colonial Era.

Our livestock collection serves two purposes: the first is to provide authentic period breeds for interpretation at our National Colonial Farm (exhibit animals); and the second is to maintain living collections that protect and preserve the genetic diversity of our agricultural heritage (breeding animals). We have earned a distinguished reputation for our efforts in this endeavor, and it is important that our work with heritage breeds continues in a way that maintains and enhances this reputation. It also is imperative that we manage our livestock and land in a way that demonstrates the most humane and sustainable methods available.

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