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Job Offers Location Date
4-H Military Partnership Academic Coordinator II  Position filled CA, USA 2-8-2012
Organic Vegetable Farm Manager  Position filled LA, USA 31-7-2012
District Sales Representative - Northeastern WI  Position filled WI, USA 30-7-2012
Maintenance Manager   SD, USA 17-7-2012
Safety Coordinator Manager   SD, USA 17-7-2012
Swine Production Manager   IL, USA 17-7-2012
Agronomy Advisor - Holtville, CA  Position filled CA, USA 12-7-2012
Volunteer Maryland Coordinator  Position filled MD, USA 18-6-2012
Regional Science Coordinator  Position filled Virginia, USA 11-5-2012
Tractor Sales   OH, USA 30-4-2012
Parts Sales  Position filled IA, USA 3-4-2012
Production Farmer  Closed TX, USA 29-4-2012
Assistant Extension Specialist / Beef Cattle Value E  Position filled OK, USA 27-4-2012
Veterinarian   SD, USA 26-4-2012
Ag Technician   MN, USA 26-4-2012
DDG Merchandiser   PA, USA 26-4-2012
Mill Mechanic   CA, USA 26-4-2012
Swine Veterinarian   MN, USA 26-4-2012
Custom Harvesting Help   SD, USA 25-4-2012
Farm Hand   IA, USA 24-4-2012
Materials Manager   KS, USA 24-4-2012
Truck Driver (Feed)   IA, USA 24-4-2012
Feed Formulator  Position filled MN, USA 24-4-2012
Product Support Representative   MO, USA 29-3-2012
Agriculture Equipment Service Manager  Position filled AL, USA 27-3-2012
Fruit Farm Internship - Horticulture  Closed OR, USA 23-3-2012
Agronomy Operations Manager   KS, USA 13-3-2012
Dairy Genetic Consultant / Relief Technician  Position filled PA, USA 9-3-2012
Agronomist / Crop Consultant   IL, USA 8-3-2012
Farm Operator   NE, USA 7-3-2012
Agriculture Equipment Parts Specialist   MN, USA 7-3-2012
Truck Driver  Position filled NE, USA 24-2-2012
Seed Sales Specialist   IA, USA 24-2-2012
URGENT: Agronomy Salesperson Needed   MN, USA 23-2-2012
Plant Manager   IA, USA 23-2-2012
Crop Protection Sprayer   IL, USA 22-2-2012
Marketing Director / AG Background  Position filled NE, USA 19-2-2012
Service Manager needed in Beautiful Black Hills  Position filled SD, USA 16-2-2012
Farm Equipment / Implement Mechanic  Position filled AR, USA 16-2-2012
Ag Equipment Service Technician   KS, USA 10-2-2012
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